Splash zone concept

Remotely operated PREZIOSO Linjebygg access tools are fit for a range of advanced operations in the challenging splash zone. Several successful projects have been implemented on offshore installations in Norway and abroad.

In the early 1990's PREZIOSO Linjebygg undertook several challenging projects in the splash zone. We realized that advanced access tools were needed to perform this type of work in a safe and efficient manner. In 2007 PREZIOSO Linjebygg initiated a major development project to develop the equipment and methods to perform various types of operation in the splash zone.

Our Splash Zone Concept deploys custom made access tools on a traditional ROV robotic arm, which is remotely operated from a control cabin on deck. The arm is compatible with standard ROV tools. Example of operations possible (but not limited) to 20 meters below sea level:

Inspection (both visual and NDT)
Cutting of structures
Bolting and installation
Cleaning of surfaces
LBO SplashZone concept


The teams of multi skilled engineers at PREZIOSO Linjebygg works in close collaboration with experienced offshore operators to design, plan, and install custom made equipment. This allows us to provide solutions for Client identified problems in the splash zone.

LBO SplashZone concept - Controll Room


Procurement of the required equipment and materials is coordinated through our Purchasing Department according to the design and specifications from our Engineering Department. Close monitoring and qualification of suppliers secure quality and punctuality of deliveries.

LBO SplashZone concept


By applying PREZIOSO Linjebygg's most experienced installation expertise to the splash zone access tools, a variety of challenging tasks in the splash zone have been successfully and safely executed, such as inspection, anode installation, cutting of structures and many more.

Watch our video presenting the our Splash Zone Concept:


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